Kahden huoneen piharakennus Amelia 22 m2 / 44mm / 8 x 4 m

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The Amelia cottage is a 22 m2 garden office with 2 separate rooms and an intermediate door. This configuration is ideal if you need a combination of home office and garden living room, hobby room and children’s play area or any other combination. Amelia  is an affordable log cabin that conveniently gives you more living space and added value to your home. This courtyard building has high-quality doors and windows with European mechanisms, double doors on one side and folding doors three meters wide on the other side, which can be folded open on warm summer days when the cottage is flooded with sunlight. All wooden parts are made from carefully selected Nordic spruce. Estimated assembly time for an experienced DIY builder is six to seven days, and by using our assembly service, you can get the job done in two to three days. The Amelia  yard building has a five-year factory warranty.

Toimitus: 3 - 5 viikkoa
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External dimensions: 8.22 x 3.38 m
Wall height: 2.40 m
Brush height: 2.56 m
Wall thickness: 44 mm
Internal surface area: 22 m²
Roof: ca 29 m², 18 mm
Floor: 18 mm
Doors: 1 x taitettava ovi 280 x 198 cm, 1 x 147 x 198 cm, 1 x 80 x 198 cm
Windows: 1 x 155 x 118 cm, 2 x 83 x 55 cm
Material: pohjoinen kuusi, käsittelemätön
More information: Impregnated base beams, storm bars, assembly tools, glass in windows and doors, cylinder lock, product manual, 5-year warranty.


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